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Electricians in Charlotte, NC

Pre-Construction Electrical Services

When you are building a new property, you need to ensure that the electrical wiring and features are up to code from the very beginnings of the project. Electrical services actually begin before you break ground on the project. If you have a construction project in the works, LiveWire Electrical will help from the very beginning, ensuring you have few unexpected surprises and a working electrical system that meets your needs when the project is complete.

eleeElectrical Design Services
Creating a working electrical system starts with the right design. We meet with you to determine what your needs are, both immediate and long-term, and help you design a system that will work. Whether you are wiring a large commercial building or a small single-family home, we will ensure that the system is going to meet both current and future needs.

Protecting Your Budget
At LiveWire Electrical, we understand that your project has a budget, and you must stick to that budget. We will work hard to ensure that your budgetary needs are met as well as your wiring needs. For this reason, our pre-construction services include cost evaluation. If we find that the initial plan will over-reach your budgetary constraints, we will make modifications to ensure that we can provide the desired service within the constraints of your budget.

Research the Existing Electrical Environment
If your construction will take place in an area with an existing electrical source or system, part of the pre-construction planning process involves field work to determine what is already in place, and what will need to be added or modified. We will send members of our team to your location to perform this field work, so we have a thorough understanding of what is available. We will provide feasibility studies and pre-construction analysis that will help you make informed decisions going forward.

In the end, your electrical design depends on many factors. Going into the construction project requires a clear understanding of these factors and how they will affect your finished design. LiveWire Electrical is here to provide dedicated, professional electrical services from the very beginning of your project, so you can enter into the project with the right knowledge and understanding.