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Electrical System Maintenance Contractors in Charlotte

Is your home’s electrical system being properly maintained? Poor electrical system maintenance puts your family at risk, as faulty wiring and electrical systems can increase your risk of a house fire. Improper installation, everyday use and even the age of the system can create maintenance problems. Here’s how you can avoid these problems.

Test GFI Outlets
Electrical system maintenance requires regular testing of GFCI outlets. To test, simply push the test/reset button and make sure it is working properly. If the outlet is not functioning properly, replace it to reduce risk of electrocution.

Smoke Detector Maintenance
Test the battery in your smoke detector every month, and replace the batteries yearly or bi-yearly. To help you remember, replace them at Daylight Savings Time. Check the expiration date on your smoke detector, or replace every 10 years.

Maintenance for Lights
Check your light fixtures and bulbs. Are they compatible? Ensure that every light fixture has a bulb with the right wattage. This will keep your family safe and help both the light fixture and the bulb to last as long as it should.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing
Like smoke detectors, CO detectors should be tested each month and have batteries replaced every year. Replace the detector after two years if it is an older one or every five to six years if it is a newer one.

Surge Protecting
Ensure that important electrical systems and items in your house are protected with a surge protector, and inspect those surge protectors regularly for problems. Consider installing a whole-house surge protector, and inspect it regularly.

Outdoor Electrical Maintenance
Check all outdoor cords or outlets for signs of damage, and replace as needed.

Electrical Panel Maintenance
Have a professional come to your home to inspect your electrical panel to ensure that it is the right size and properly wired for safety.

Regular electrical inspections are a crucial part of your electrical system maintenance. LiveWire Electrical’s team can come to your home and ensure that your electrical system is properly functional and wired. If something is not properly done for your home, we can help with rewiring to ensure you are safe and protected. Contact LiveWire Electrical today for help with your electrical system maintenance needs.