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Concord, NC is a burgeoning town, the tenth most populous city in North Carolina. It offers that idyllic small-town charm while still keeping the amenities and conveniences offered by a big city. The entertainment here is pretty amazing too, with the Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Speedway featuring heavily in visitors to-do lists. What’smore, downtown concord is always a bustling hive of activity that has something for everyone.

One of the more common sights in an around concord are buildings that have a bit of age on them. Older buildings tend to have problems with electrical wiring quite frequently. The faults might be due to the age of the components or simply because of poor installation in the past. Even newer homes are at risk of problems thanks to wear and tear on electrical circuits. Electrical issues can be severe safety problems, especially where there are children or pets present. Additionally, it presents a clear danger to property, as electrical sparking could potentially start a house fire, even when the outlet or circuit isn’t being used.



Common Residential Electrical Issues

LiveWire is a Concord, NC-based electrical wiring company that focuses on delivering quality to clients. Some of the typical residential electrical issues that we’ve dealt with over the years include:

  • Frequent burnt-out bulbs
  • Outlet Sparks
  • Non-functional outlets and/or switches
  • Poor voltage/amperage to serve appliances
  • Flickering lights
  • Switches that show up as faulty
  • Devices being damaged regularly
  • Overloaded circuits within the house
  • Improper grounding
  • Outdated wiring
  • Openly exposed or damaged wiring

Why Electrical Problems Need to be Dealt With

Electricity is not something that plays well with the human body. It doesn’t take a lot of power to deliver a fatal shock. The chances of a shock happening are increased multiple times over for each of those issues we mentioned above. Many homeowners think that they can just ignore these problems and get an electrical contractor to sort it out whenever they have the time. The truth is that the longer these problems remain active, the worse the issue will be to solve when you finally get around to it. All homeowners who have loved ones that frequent their home need to deal with electrical issues before they cause a mishap. Faulty wiring might be risking more than just a house fire and insurance premiums. Electricity can cause death to your loved ones in the wrong circumstances.



Choose a Professional Electrician in Concord, NC

LiveWire has operated in the Concord region for a long time. We know about the quirks in the wiring of a lot of the houses. What’s more, we offer exceptional service to our clients. We’ve constructed our business on the idea that doing good business brings customers back to us. In the case of electrical faults, we think you should try to be safe instead of sorry. Contact us today to see what we can do to sort out your electrical problems and keep both your property and your family safe from unexpected electrical mishaps.

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