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Preventing Electrical fire

Electrical ProblemsThe Cause
Electrical Wiring
Electrical fires mostly come from problems with wiring that is fixed such as faulty electrical outlets and wiring that is old. Faulty cords and plugs, such as extension/appliance cords, also cause many electrical fires in homes.
Faulty wiring accounts for 33% of electrical fires in residential homes located in urban areas.
Electrical fires can be avoided by fixing overloading circuits, preventative maintenance, not running cords under rugs or high traffic areas, and not misusing electrical cords.
Home Appliances
Residential appliances most often attributed to electrical fires are electric stoves/ovens, clothes dryer, central units for heating, TVs, radios, and stereo systems.

Safety Precautions
• Make sure to check for proper wiring and functioning electrical appliances.
• Frayed wires can cause electrical fires. Remove and replace all worn, old or damaged electrical cords.
• Do not overload or misuse electrical extension cords.
• Avoid placing any electrical appliances near wet floors or counters. All electrical appliances in bathrooms or kitchens should be treated with special care.
• Purchase electrical appliances or products that have been evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
• Children should not be allowed to play with or around electrical appliances like space heaters, irons, and hair dryers.
• All combustible items like clothes, curtains, or rugs should be 3 feet from all types of heaters.
• Never force a 3 prong plug into a 2 slot extension cord. Only use a 3 prong plug into a 3 slot outlet.
• Do not overload electrical extension cords or wall sockets. All light switches or lights that are hot to touch should be Professionally replaced. Use child proof measures on all electrical outlets.
• Replace all electrical tool cords that are frayed or cracked. Never use any tool that causes small shocks, overheats, shorts out, or gives off smoke/sparks.

Make sure to have a working small alarm to increase your chance of surviving a fire. Have a home escape plan and practice it frequently with your family.