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Preventing Electrical Fire

Safety PrecautionsSchool_burn

• Make sure to check for proper wiring and functioning electrical appliances.
• Frayed wires can cause electrical fires. Remove and replace all worn, old or damaged electrical cords.
• Do not overload or misuse electrical extension cords.
• Avoid placing any electrical appliances near wet floors or counters. All electrical appliances in bathrooms or kitchens should be treated with special care.
• Purchase electrical appliances or products that have been evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
• Children should not be allowed to play with or around electrical appliances like space heaters, irons, and hair dryers.
• All combustible items like clothes, curtains, or rugs should be 3 feet from all types of heaters.
• Never force a 3 prong plug into a 2 slot extension cord. Only use a 3 prong plug into a 3 slot outlet.
• Do not overload electrical extension cords or wall sockets. All light switches or lights that are hot to touch should be Professionally replaced. Use child proof measures on all electrical outlets.
• Replace all electrical tool cords that are frayed or cracked. Never use any tool that causes small shocks, overheats, shorts out, or gives off smoke/sparks.

Make sure to have a working small alarm to increase your chance of surviving a fire. Have a home escape plan and practice it frequently with your family.

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