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Electrical Services in Charlotte, NC

When you plug something into an electrical outlet you expect the electricity to work. Having electricity in your home or business isn’t a problem until something goes wrong. When the power goes out, your first priority is to get your power back. At Livewire Electrical Services, we take pride in helping you troubleshoot your electrical outages and/or making sure the electrical current is flowing correctly.

We have trained licensed professionals on staff to make sure that when you plug something in to an electrical outlet, you will have complete confidence that everything in your business or home will work correctly.

There are many companies that take advantage of customers by replacing electrical parts or equipment that doesn’t need to be replaced. This helps these companies pad their bills with unnecessary labor. At Livewire Electrical, our trained electrical technicians remove or replace the items that need replacing/removing and invoice for the work that is required. Our electrical work estimates are very competitive for the Charlotte market and surrounding areas.

Listed below are some of our most popular services we offer:

Specific electrical services include, but are not limited to:

• Dedicated 120v 15amp circuit

• Dedicated 120v 20amp circuit

• Dedicated 240v circuit

• Sump Pumps

• Generators

• Electric Baseboard Heat

• Recessed Lighting

• Ceiling Fans

• Light Fixtures

• Pools

• Spas

• Jacuzzi

• TV Mounting

• Service Upgrades

• Accent Lighting

• Track Lighting

• Receptacle/Switch Replacement


• Telephone/Cable

• Rewire Electric Heats

• Flood Lights

• Home Electrical Inspections

• Smoke Detectors

• Electrical Child Safety

• Dimmer Switches

• Kitchen Remodeling

• Overloading Breakers

• Home Theater

• Landscape Lighting

• Undercounter Lighting

• Hang Microwaves

Disposal Disconnect Reconnect

• Dishwasher Disconnect Reconnect

• Replace Ballast

• Upgrade Electrical Wiring

• ARC Fault Breakers

• Electric Water Heaters

• Motion Sensors

• Holiday Lighting Circuits

• Security Lights

• Aluminum Wiring

• Kitchen Lighting Design

• Sub Panels

• Correct Bad Wiring

• Electrical Code Violation

• Rope Lighting

• Surge Protection

• Wiring From Fire Damage

• Wells

• Sconce Lighting

• Hot Tubs

Detached Garage/Building

• CO2 Detectors

• Security Systems