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Electric Panel Installation Near You in Charlotte, NC

Electrical Panel Installation in Charlotte, NcSub-panel installations give home and business owners additional circuit capacity, allowing for new installations, expansions, and electrical upgrades. These panels are used for a wide range of electrical needs, such as pools, basements, garages, and more. Some homeowners who own electric vehicles might think they need an EV charging station repair, but it may just need a more powerful panel. At LiveWire Electrical, we have years of experience with electrical sub-panel wiring and electrical panel installation near you in Charlotte.

What Is The Cost To Install Electrical Sub Panels in Charlotte NC?

If you’re wondering what is the cost to install sub panels in a basement or anywhere else in your home, the average cost to install a sub panel is $2500. It is important to note that the cost to install an electrical sub-panel can also hinge on a number of factors such as:

  • The electrical capacity required as larger panels tend to cost more
  • Labor and installation as it depends on the complexity of the sub-panel installation
  • Material costs as this can fluctuate depending on the installation and wiring required
  • Distance from the main electrical panel. The cost to install a sub panel in basements vs in a garage could vary
  • Additional upgrades if the sub-panel installation is part of a larger upgrade such as a home renovation

How Often Do I Need An New Electrical Panel Installation Charlotte NC?

Electrical panel installation and replacement is needed when an electrical panel is older and the circuit breakers or fuses are becoming difficult to find parts for. Electrical panels should be replaced every 25 to 40 years. They may also need to be replaced in the event of a lightning strike or if more power is needed in the home.

Electrical Panel Replacement Near You in Charlotte, NC

Newer homes have electrical panels equipped for AFCI outlets. This protects the home against electrical arcing. Older homes will not have this important safety feature. Upgrading the breaker box with a newer electrical panel installation can improve your home’s safety. Federal Pacific Panels were popular in America from the 1950s to the 1980s, but these electrical panels don’t offer the same protection as a AFCI equipped electrical panel.

An experienced electrician can evaluate your existing electrical panel and provide recommendations on how it can still be used or whether a new electrical panel is a safer option as well as any other electrical repairs that may be necessary. 

Electrical Sub-Panel Installation Near You in Charlotte, NC

Electrical Sub Panel Wiring

When your home or business needs a dedicated panel away from the main panel, a sub-panel installation near you is the proper solution. Sub-panels are ideal for electrical systems that are either far from the main panel, such as a workshop or a shed, or systems that draw large amounts of power, such as pool wiring or large commercial equipment, or during an electric vehicle charging station installation.

Rather than increasing the amount of power that is flowing into your home or business, a sub-panel efficiently routes the correct amount of power to the dedicated electrical system, keeping circuits from being overloaded.

Sub-panels come in different sizes, typically from 30 amps to 100 amps, depending on the needs of the system. Our trained professionals can install the correct sub-panel that provides the appropriate amount of power needed in your home or business.

Areas Where Electrical Sub-Panel Wiring May Be Needed

Professional Electrical Panel InstallationThe sub-panel wiring and sub-panel installation should always be handled by a team of licensed professionals. The sub-panel installation process begins with a free consultation to understand your home or business and the needs of your project. We will inspect your current circuit breaker to assess if there is additional room available, and if adding on to your existing panel is appropriate. In some cases, a new circuit installation or a dedicated circuit installation may be necessary. 

When mounting your sub-panel, we need to keep the electrical sub-panel and the sub-panel wiring within a foot or so of the main panel to properly route the hot wires and ground wire to the main panel. If improperly routed, power may not flow through the sub-panel, or worse, there could be safety concerns.

With sub-panel wiring, there are four wires that route from the sub-panel to the main panel; two hot wires, a ground, and a neutral wire. The ground and neutral wires are mounted to their respective bus bars in the main panel, and the hot wires are connected to their respective terminals. Back in the sub-panel, the four wires are also mounted to their bus bars with the neutral wire mounted to the main terminal.

It is important to ensure that your electrical panel installation near you and sub panel wiring are installed according to code. At LiveWire Electrical, we also provide electric safety inspections to give you a clear picture of your electrical systems condition and operation. 

Electrical Panel Keeps Tripping

 If you’re having issues with your main electrical panel, such as consistent tripping, you may be drawing too much power for your current electrical panel to handle. Overloading your panel can be dangerous, and routing your power with a sub-panel installation reduces risk and makes it easier to manage your home or business’ electricity. If you have an existing sub-panel that is in need of a repair, contact the team of electrical experts near you at LiveWire Electrical.

Choosing the Right Electrician for Your Electrical Panel Installation and Sub Panel Wiring

LiveWire Electrical is a licensed electrician. Our company is insured company with over 20 years of experience in the Charlotte area providing residential electrical services and commercial electrical services. We know just what it takes to install, repair, and upgrade your sub-panel, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. While we are there, we can also help you with other electrical work, such as wiring in that ceiling fan or water heater.

If you need electrical panel services, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical today for an estimate. We’ll get your electrical panel installation near you done in a timely manner.

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Bobby was very responsive and got me out of a jam when my other electrician could not confirm a start date after weeks of me checking in with them. Some contractors seemed to want to save me money when I was stressing that this was an improvement and investment for the future. I’m not trying to cut costs. Bobby didn’t emphasize shortcuts or offer to cut corners. We did an upgrade from a 50 amp to a 200amp panel on a really old house. I was worried about dust and Bobby let me follow him with a vacuum without feeling like a bother when he did his initial cuts in the drywall. I’ll come back to him for the different phases of my projects as needed.
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