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Expert Pool Electricians Near You

Expert Pool Electricians Near You

When installing your inground or above ground pool, one of the most important phases of construction is the electrical work. Whether you need a simple pool light repair near you, or inground pool electrical wiring, to guarantee your pool project passes inspection, it’s important to hire a qualified swimming pool electrician near you to complete the work for you

Even after your pool is installed, it’s extremely important to have your pool electrical panel and system regularly maintained by a licensed swimming pool electrician near you. In order to keep your pool safe, a residential electrician at LiveWire Electrical will check your system for regular upkeep and handle any necessary pool light and electrical repairs.

Pool Electrical Panel Wiring & Installation In Charlotte, NCPool Electrical Panel Wiring & Installation

A pool electrical panel or sub-panel is a small breaker box installed to power your pool’s equipment. It’s usually branched off of your main breaker box. You can expect to run into additional costs based on the size of your main breaker and its location.

Typically, your main panel has enough power to spare, but location needs to be a careful consideration. When installing a pool keep in mind that the pool’s equipment must be located certain distances from the edge of the pool. Based on the distance from the house to the pool, there may be extra expenses for a trench to bring power from the main panel to the pool electrical panel or sub-panel.

An experienced pool electrician near you at LiveWire Electrical can install a pool electrical panel for your pool and make sure everything is within safe distances and up to code.

Wiring & Bonding For Pool Electrical Panels and Pool Lights
Pool Electrical Repair Near You In Charlotte, NC

Bonding is a form of grounding that uses a #8 solid copper wire to connect the metal components of the pool. It’s important that all metal parts of the pool be bonded together to carry away any stray voltage.

The bonding wire is attached to the pool wall panels, pool lights, pool ladders, and any other metal equipment. In some cases, the pool deck may require bonding, as well.

Since electricity and water definitely don’t mix, hiring LiveWire Electrical will give you the peace of mind that everything was done with your safety in mind or for any pool electrical repairs. We will review all aspects of your pool for bonding needs and ensure it passes inspection.

Additional Swimming Pool Electrical Repair Components

  • Pool Pumps: When it comes to above ground or inground pool electrical wiring for a pool pump, you’ll need a dedicated GFCI outlet with a weatherproof cover that can be closed when the pump is plugged in. You’ll also need a continuous line going directly to the pool electrical panel box.
  • Heaters: Heaters are typically wired at 110V do not need their own time clock or their own breaker, meaning they draw less power than other pool components. Pool heaters are wired by drawing off of the pool pump time clock using two wires and a ground.
  • Salt Generators: A salt generator needs to be plugged into a GFCI outlet that is grounded to ensure safety. Salt generators draw power the way gas heaters are wired, tapping into the pool pump time clock. Not only will this provide sufficient power, but the timer will ensure the salt generator isn’t powered on while the pool pump is switched off.
  • Pool Lighting: The skilled pool light electricians at LiveWire Electric will ensure that your pool’s lighting is installed correctly or skillfully provide pool light repair near you. Pool lights need to be connected to a dedicated GFCI breaker. Even low-voltage lights need dedicated GFCI breakers and to be connected to power from the sub-panel inside of a junction box.

Why Involve A Licensed Electrician For Your Pool Electrical Wiring and Light Repair? 800px-Backyardpool

Installing an inground or above ground pool is a great way to bring the family together in the summer, but keeping their safety is mind needs to come first. The swimming pool electricians near you at LiveWire Electrical have years of experience with pool electrical wiring, pool electrical repair, pool light repair and maintaining pool electrical systems. At LiveWire Electrical we put your family first. Our qualified electricians have extensive experience working on new pool construction, so we can handle all of the electrical permits and ensure a passing inspection.

Choose LiveWire Electric For Your Pool Electrical Repair and Service Needs

We are fully licensed and insured, meaning you’re fully protected when we service your electrical needs. No matter what you need for your pool’s electrical system, the experienced pool electricians at LiveWire Electrical are here to help.

Our pool light electricians served Charlotte and the surrounding area for over 20 years. We live here. We work here. We play here. We are a local business with reasonable prices, honest, safety-minded straightforward answers. You can call us 7 days a week. Consultations are always free.

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