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No matter your electrical emergency, LiveWire is available to handle any of your residential or commercial needs. We’ve seen it all from Mother Nature to DIY weekend projects gone wrong.

Though it isn’t pleasant to think about, emergencies can and do happen. When you are facing an electrical emergency, LiveWire can help evaluate your home’s electrical system and offer you the assurance that if a problem exists, we will correct it and leave you with peace of mind.



Unexplained Power Outages

Your home’s electrical system needs periodic attention. Outlets do get old and short out. Wires can become loose. Squirrels and other rodents that dig into wall space can gnaw at wiring, contributing to lights that don’t turn on when you flip the switch. These can also lead to fire hazards if they go unchecked.

Reasons to give LiveWire a call:

  • Heat coming from any receptacle or light switch wall plate
  • Breaker box tripping
  • Lights don’t come on
  • No electricity after hitting the reset button on your GFCI outlet
  • Visible frayed wires

We can assess your home for overloaded circuits, short circuits, storm damage or other reasons your electricity is not properly flowing. When your electrical panel keeps tripping, it is a sign that your home is protecting itself from overheating. Don’t ignore these warning signs. You need a certified electrician to make sure your home is safe for your family.

Lightning Damage

Severe thunder and lightning storms can lead to fire and even water damage. Each leaves your home’s electrical systems in need of some attention. Lightning doesn’t necessarily have to directly strike your home to cause a disaster. If it strikes close, it can jump, following your home’s wiring system. Avoid direct contact with any appliances, electrical devices, and phones that are directly plugged or wired into your home’s system. Wireless devices are safe, but as a general rule if you are able to keep yourself safe, and have ample time to unplug any electrical devices from the outlets, go ahead.pexels-photo-355989

Surge protectors can help divert some damage that may be caused by a lightning strike, but these cannot be fully relied upon in the event of a direct strike with an overwhelming load of electricity causing a short circuit.

If you suspect your home is struck by lightning you immediately want to contact the fire department. If lightning has traveled through your home’s plumbing or electrical lines, there could be a fire in hidden places – areas not easily visible. After this initial assessment, you then want to consult with a qualified electrician to determine if your home’s electrical system is safe.


Wind DamageTreefall_after_Isaac_in_New_Orleans

Wind down-bursts are other causes for concern. Sudden storms can whip up quickly, leaving light fixtures outside your home twisted or snapped off. Don’t take it upon yourself to handle fixtures that have fallen down. If wires are exposed, turn the power off to the fixture immediately. Let one of LiveWire’s electricians evaluate your wires for any damage.

Fallen trees and branches can damage the main electrical supply line to a house, leaving you without electricity. Your local electric company may not offer a repair. LiveWire electrical can assess the level of damage and quickly have your power restored.

Emergency Electrician in Charlotte

When you live in the Charlotte area, you know storms happen. Don’t wait until after a storm has passed to find out about a glaring weakness in your home’s electrical fixtures and supply lines – loose wires, connections, or anchor points.

LiveWire offers thorough safety checks of your home electrical systems:

  • Electrical Panel
  • Outlets
  • Outdoor fans and light fixtures
  • Exterior lighting
  • Whole house surge protector

Our electricians can spot potential problems the average homeowner doesn’t see. Because LiveWire is a locally established and based company, we have seen all types if damage caused by Mother Nature. We work to have your power restored as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency or any electrical problem, contact LiveWire today!


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