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Tesla Charger Installation In Charlotte, NC

Public and In-home Tesla charger stations have become increasingly popular due to the steady rise and demand for Tesla vehicles. In fact, Tesla estimates that 2.5 million vehicles will be sold by the closing of 2022. However, Tesla charger station installation in North Carolina is not recommended for the common homeowner with no electrical experience.

Many individuals are drawn towards the idea of buying a Tesla because of the ability to save money by having a Tesla charger installation performed at their home. This minimizes the need for finding charging stations near the home, as well as cuts down on the cost of charging the vehicle. However, installing Tesla charging stations is not a DIY task, as it can be dangerous and even cause fires within the home due to drawing too much power from a source that cannot handle it. If you’re asking yourself “who installs Tesla charging stations?” then look no further! It is essential to contact Livewire Electrical’s team of Tesla charging electricians to schedule a Tesla charger installation near you.

Tesla Charging Stations In NC

Tesla Charger Installation Near YouWhen dealing with the voltage and power that comes with a Tesla charger station installation near you, it can be dangerous, and even deadly if the individual does not have the proper electrical knowledge. The safest and easiest way to have a charger station installed is to contact one of our Tesla charging electricians. Our expert Tesla charging electricians at Livewire Electrical are well versed on how to properly, safely, and efficiently perform the installation of a Tesla charger station, so homeowners don’t have to risk putting their family at risk with a DIY installation.

Now that the town of Charlotte has purchased four solar-powered EV ARC units for the public to use, residents may be curious about the benefits of having a Tesla charging station at home. After all, providing only four EV charging stations to compensate for electric vehicles in a town with a population of over 870,000 results in high demand and increased prices. However, Livewire Electrical’s team of expert electricians have the ability to install residential Tesla charger stations, so residents of Charlotte can skip the wait and charge their vehicles at home. Our team of Tesla charging electricians also can provide EV charging station repairs for Tesla and other makes.

Who Installs Tesla Charging Stations?

Who Installs Tesla Charging StationsLivewire Electrical offers a team of expert Tesla charging electricians that service Charlotte and the surrounding area. Owners of Teslas and other electric vehicles cannot deny that one of the biggest conveniences is being able to charge their vehicles at home. This is mainly due to the fact that they are no longer required to visit the gas pumps on a regular basis. Instead, they are able to utilize their off-peak hours electrical pricing, therefore saving both time and money.

240-volt outlets are available in most homes, but a professional electrician from Livewire Electrical can do an electrical inspection of a home to determine whether such outlets are available for use nearby. In order to install a Tesla charger station, we have to adhere to local, state, and federal codes and regulations. Something that many homeowners need to think about when attempting to DIY their residential Tesla charger station. Through our assistance, we will ensure that the charging station and home are adequate to accommodate a Tesla charger station and meet the requirements of the state electrical code. To learn more about how Livewire Electrical can quickly and efficiently provide Tesla charger installation services, contact us today!

Tesla Charger Installation Near Me

Tesla Charging ElectricianResidential Tesla charger stations will require level 2 charging, therefore they must be hardwired to a 240-volt high power, with a 60 amp circuit that is typically fed from the Main Service Panel. The Tesla Wall Connector is not provided with the purchase of a Tesla vehicle, therefore Tesla charger installation services will need to be scheduled in order for our team of Tesla charger electricians to install it. Contact Livewire Electrical today to schedule a Tesla charger installation near you.

With a 240-volt plug, a Tesla vehicle will charge between 10 and 60 miles per hour. Using a Level 2 electric charger, also referred to as a 240-volt plug is Tesla’s recommended method for charging a Tesla vehicle at home. We often have these in stock, therefore we are able to provide installation for them on a more regular and efficient basis.

Once an appointment to install a Tesla charging station is made, our team of experts will assess and inspect the home to determine whether or not there is an available 240-volt outlet near where the charging station will be placed. As a result of our years of experience and knowledge regarding electrical codes and regulations pertaining to the installation of a Tesla charging station in North Carolina, we will ensure a proper installation. A Livewire Electrical Tesla charging electrician will ensure that all of our client’s Tesla charging stations and homes are sufficient to accommodate an electric vehicle, as well as comply with the state electrical code.

Tesla Charging Electrician

Those with electric vehicles rely on them to be charged in order to go about their day-to-day lives. In order to ensure that a Tesla is fully charged and working on a daily basis, homeowners need a reliable Tesla charging electrician for the installation or repair of a Tesla charging station at home. Our team of experts at Livewire Electrical is available to make electric vehicle owners’ lives easier by quickly and efficiently performing Tesla charger installation near you.

Charlotte and the surrounding areas have been served by our professional electricians at locations near you for over 20 years for both commercial electrical services and residential electrical services. In addition to reasonable prices, we provide honest, safety-minded answers in a straightforward manner. Our consultations are always free and you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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Bobby was terrific! I got the appointment set up with him and he was prompt, professional, and very communicative. Very reasonably priced as well! I would recommend him to family and friends. He installed my Tesla wall charger very quickly and perfectly and that’s all I can ask for! Great guy!

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Bobby was terrific! I got the appointment set up with him and he was prompt,
professional, and very communicative. Very reasonably priced as well!
I would recommend him to family and friends. He installed my Tesla wall charger
very quickly and perfectly and that’s all I can ask for! Great guy.

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