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Buying a Home in Charlotte? Don’t Forget an Electrical Inspection

Buying a home is always an exciting time, but if you don’t put safety at the top of your priority list, your investment could be at risk. Electrical fires are devastating and impact over 50,000 homeowners per year in the United States.

When you’re buying a home, you should always have an electrical inspection completed by a licensed professional like the team at Livewire Electrical. You often don’t know when the last inspection was completed by the previous homeowner, if one was done at all. If they upgraded electrical systems, got new appliances, or added on to the home, you want to make sure that everything is safe by opting for an electrical inspection.

While your home inspector may have a good idea of electrical systems, there’s no need to risk your home by neglecting to have a dedicated electrical system inspection done. The inspections themselves are inexpensive and fairly quick, but can give you peace of mind knowing that your home and your family are safe. Let’s take a look at why having an electrical inspection performed is so important and how the team at Livewire Electrical can help.

The Importance of an Electrical Inspection

First and foremost, the top reason to get an electrical inspection is for safety. In fact, you should get an electrical inspection not only when you are buying a new home, but also every few years after you move in. Wires can degrade, systems can become outdated, and safety concerns can arise without you even knowing. An electrical inspection can help you identify any issues and create an action plan to make your home safe.

An electrical inspection is much more than inspecting electrical panels and outlets. We’ll take a look at your electrical infrastructure, interior and exterior fixtures, and overall electrical performance to determine if there are any issues with your system.

In addition to safety issues, an electrical inspection will also determine if your electrical system is performing as efficiently as possible. Outdated panels and appliances that don’t pose safety risks may be hiking up your electric bill. If you need updates to your system or appliances in order for your electricity to run more efficiently, a thorough inspection can help you identify those problems.

Updating your system or appliances can potentially save you thousands of dollars in energy costs during your time in the home, so it’s more than worth the investment to make those updates.

What Can an Electrical Inspection Show?


You may be surprised at what all an electrical inspection can detect. Safety and efficiency are the two biggest reasons to have an electrical inspection performed, and there are quite a few components to your electrical system that can fall into those two categories.

Old and outdated wiring, like knob and tube, pose the biggest safety threats. Wires that become exposed behind your wall may lead to electrical fires if not addressed. Exposed wires that are in close proximity to other exposed wires can spark, leading to dangerous electrical fires. Even outdated wires that are not exposed may be a threat. Old wires that can’t handle current electrical requirements of modern homes may overload and catch fire as well.

Outdated panels are another common safety issue that we see all too often. Older panels are typically rated at 60 amps, while the average modern home requires a minimum of 200 amps. Running modern appliances on an older panel leads to overloading the panel and circuits. Continually overloading your system is one of the top causes of electrical fires.

Your electrical system may not be grounded properly, which can lead to electrocution and fire concerns. If you have a gas line, more than likely the line is Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST). This line needs to be properly grounded to prevent explosions in the case of an electrical event. However, most homes that weren’t built in the last few years typically don’t have the line grounded.

These are just a few of the many issues that can be uncovered during an electrical inspection. At Livewire Electrical, we’ll ensure that all of your electrical system components are up to current safety standards.

Buying Your New Home in Charlotte, NC

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into a thorough electrical inspection. When you’re buying your home in Charlotte, it’s important to take safety seriously. By hiring Livewire Electrical to perform an electrical inspection, you’re keeping your home and your family safe.

For more information on the importance of an electrical inspection or to set up your inspection with a licensed electrician, contact the team at Livewire Electrical today.

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