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Do You Need a Sub-Panel for Your Basement Remodel?

Wiring and remodeling your basement is no small task, and when it comes to your basement’s electricity needs, you may want to consider installing a sub-panel. If you’re planning on using heavy appliances and other items that draw a lot of power, a sub-panel is a great way to manage your home’s electrical needs safely and securely.

A sub-panel is an extension of your main panel and is often a smaller version of your main electrical panel system. It’s typically installed directly next to your main panel, making it easy to quickly cut power or restore power after a circuit trips. A sub-panel is a simple, effective way to add appliances and other electrical fixtures to your home.

Here’s how to tell if you need a sub-panel for your next basement to remodel project and how Livewire Electrical.

Signs You Need a Sub-Panel

There are plenty of reasons to install a sub-panel in your home, and if you’re remodeling or finishing your basement, you’ll certainly need a dedicated sub-panel to route your power safely and reliably. With many remodeling projects, you’ll often upgrade lighting and appliances, which may require additional circuits in your breaker. The cost to install an electrical sub panel is roughly $2500 and is done through a certified electrician with the experience to install a sub panel to meet your power needs such as in a situation where you have a electric car charging station.

You may run out of room on your main panel, which is another reason to install a dedicated sub-panel for your basement remodel project. All circuit breakers have a limited number of circuits, and as you upgrade your home or add on to your home, you’ll need additional spaces on your panel.

Panels that are under 200-amps may not be sufficient to power your home. They also may frequently trip, which causes an unreliable power connection to your home. A sub-panel is a simple way to not only add more circuits but also increase your home’s electrical capacity.


A sub-panel is a very inexpensive solution for your basement remodel project, and with a dedicated panel for your major basement appliances and fixtures, you won’t need to worry about overloads and circuit trips. When considering the size of the panel, bigger is always better.

There’s nothing wrong with installing a 200-amp panel, but if you install a smaller panel, such as a 60-amp panel. As you get new appliances and add on to your home, you’ll be ready for your home’s increased electrical needs. The sub-panel is installed directly beside the main panel, allowing you to cut power to the sub-panel directly from the main panel.

What Does an Electrical Inspection Show?

Before you finish your basement remodel, you should contact the team at Livewire Electrical for a full-service electrical inspection. We will inspect your current electrical system, the panel, wiring, and entire electrical infrastructure to create a custom electrical plan for your basement remodel.

We inspect your entire home to ensure that it’s up to code and provide a custom remedy list if we find any issues. We also provide thorough inspection reports after each service call, allowing you to have a full history of your electrical system.

 A sub-panel is just what you need to complete your basement remodel. For more information on our electrical panel installation services, contact the team at Livewire Electrical today.

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