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electrical-wiring-installation-in-new-home-constructionConcord is the county seat of Cabarrus County and the largest city in these parts. The Charlotte Motor Speedway and the Concord Mills explore our storied past and the culture that permeates the region. The town combines a feeling of rustic and urban chic, attracting visitors for our many seasonal get-togethers and festivals from all over the continental United States. Concord is a reflection of small-town life with the benefits of big city living nearby. It’s a perfect balance, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to refresh it now and again. When remodeling a home, the electrical system is of prime importance.

Don't Overlook Your Electricals

Home remodeling is a time when a homeowner gets caught up in the things he or she wants to do with their home. It’s typical to overlook some of the things you don’t usually see. Electrical wiring systems run within the walls of a home, and so renovations would impact those systems. In older homes, it may be of extreme concern to update the wiring to more modern standards. Homeowners should take the opportunity to upgrade their electrical systems when working on their home remodel. Among the things that you should be aware of are:

Outdated Panels for Supply

Extending a home or simply renovating it can mean that the house will be drawing a lot more power. With the demand for more electrical sockets within renovations these days, it’s usually a safe bet that your supply panel also needs updating. Additionally, if you’ve been routinely experiencing flickering lights or unexpected outages within particular sockets, it may be pertinent to examine the current supply limit for your panel. Electrical technology also moves very quickly, and if you have outdated technology within your panel, you might have a fire hazard. Upgrading the panel will help to dispense with this worry.

Not Enough Grip in Outlets

You might be tempted to reuse your outlets when performing your renovation. In most cases, this isn’t a problem. We’ve done a lot of socket reinstallations for home improvements before, and they haven’t presented us with any issues. However, if you have an outlet that can’t keep your plugs in them securely, it’s a sign that you should replace them. The reason plugs don’t grip outlets tightly enough is that the clip that’s designed to ensure the plugs remain in the outlet may get broken or worn down. Replacing the outlet is the most effective way to deal with that problem.

Not Enough GFCIs Installed

Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are new technology that enables the smart interruption of an electrical circuit to stop electrocution. Older homes usually don’t have GFCI sockets installed, and this can be a significant oversight. They are useful for areas that may have moisture near to the outlet, and in a renovation that includes a washing room or a bathroom, their inclusion may be essential to you and your family’s safety.

electrical-worker-carrying-wiresGetting an Electrician Involved

You might be tempted to do the electrical system for your renovation yourself. Thinking that could lead to a lot of problems, especially if you don’t have a whole lot of training with house electrical wiring. The reason certified electricians exist is to help homeowners like you with their electrical systems while keeping you and your family safe from home. As one of the most reputable electrical firms in Concord, NC, LiveWire has crews with experience in electrical renovation wiring. If you’re doing a renovation, contact us today to see how we can help you with your home renewal in Concord, NC.

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