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luxury-home-lake-wylieConcord has a long and colorful history behind it, and living here means being part of a tapestry that spans nearly two hundred and seventy years. In our time here, we’ve evolved quite the local setting, a perfect mix of an urban and suburban backdrop to Charlotte Motor Speedway, one of NASCAR’s crown jewels. Despite the richness of the city, it can be challenging to lay hands on a trustworthy electrician. Finding one that suits your needs and your pocket might be an uphill battle.

When to Call an Emergency Electrician

Knowing when something goes wrong with your electrical systems is more than just waiting till the house is plunged into darkness in the middle of the night. There are warning signs that suggest a problem exists with a home’s wiring. Among them include flickering lights, one light being much brighter than the others, or masses of electrical cords leading every which way from your sockets. Warning signs also include situations where plugging into a wall outlet leads to intermittent power, or one or more of your light bulb sockets keep blowing bulbs. Each of these situations indicates a problem with the wiring that, if left unchecked, could lead to problems, including electrical fires.

Typical Electrical Emergencies

The most common electrical emergency is a power outage, but this only applies if it’s a localized outage within your building. If the whole block is out, then it’s more than likely an issue with the local power company. Other electrical emergencies include:

  • Overloaded Outlet: Putting too much strain on a single electrical outlet might lead to it becoming overloaded and possibly start to burn.
  • Continuous Overloads/Shorts: If a particular appliance is being difficult over some time, then leaving it plugged in could lead to an incident. Consulting a professional electrician is recommended in situations like these.
  • Wires that Won’t Trip: Under normal operating circumstances, if a cable becomes overloaded, it’s supposed to trip the breaker and reset the circuit. If a short occurs, this trip never happens, and this can lead to overloading and a potential electrical fire.

electrician-looking-into-electrical-panelChoosing the Right Electrician for your Needs

Finding the right electrician is a matter of matching availability and skill with the price. Emergency callouts can be costly for some homeowners, and some electrical professionals take advantage of owners’ needs for a skilled and trained electrician. Ideally, an electrician should be certified and qualified to deal with house wiring. They should have an upstanding reputation among other homeowners and offer an estimate that the homeowner can use to gauge the total cost of a job. In an emergency, they should have stated rates for emergency work. Competent electricians in Concord should also be able to give homeowners a time frame for repairs. All of these make up the things you should take notice of when choosing an electrician for a job, especially in an emergency.

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