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Home Lighting Problems

General Problem Solving Tipslight-bulb-idea

  • Make sure to change the light bulb.
  • Gather all information possible to report to electrician. Is it just one light that stopped working or multiple lights? Is it just one electrical socket more?
  • Always check the Residual Current Devices.
  • Light dimmers and switches can cause light issues – make sure to check both of them.
  • Lights produce a lot of heat. Make sure there is space for the heat to dissipate.

Down Light Problems

  • Down lights may flicker, or may not work at all, if you fit low watt light bulbs, for instance 30W instead of 60W.
  • Down lights may have transformers to reduce the voltage supply, if changing the light bulb does not fix the light, change the transformer.
  • Down light transformers can generate heat; heat has to be dissipated. Make sure there is space around the transformer to dissipate the heat.
  • Check to see if the light bulb is being covered by loft insulation. Overheating can cause different problems.
  • Dimmer may cause many down light issues, use the proper dimmer for the down lights.

Flickering Lights

  • Make sure to change the light bulb first.
  • Check all loose connections at the light switch or the light bulb holder.
  • Check to see if the contacts are corroded or oxidized. Contacts should always be clean, but can corrode or oxidize through time, and become a black color. First turn off the electric current, then use a screwdriver to clean the light bulb and contacts.
  • If you hear any ‘buzzing’ from the light switch or an electrical circuit then your problems maybe coming from elsewhere.
  • If there are any abnormal smells coming from the electrical appliances or circuit, you may have wiring that is overheating. Call a qualified electrician.

Fluorescent Lights

  • If changing the tubes does not fix the problem, then try changing the starters that help tubes work.
  • Each fluorescent tube requires different types of starters. The starters are determined by the length of the fluorescent tubes.
  • A Fluorescent tube turns to a black color or becomes discolored when it reaches its end.

Same Bulb Keeps Blowing

  • Lower quality light bulbs can cause this problem. Try a higher quality light bulb or a long-life bulb.
  • A higher wattage light bulb can overheat or blow if it is not the proper wattage required for the appliance.
  • If the light is buzzing or becomes discolored, it is a sign of a faulty switch. The switch maybe another reason why the bulb may blow.
  • Check for any loose wiring in the bulb holder or light switch.
  • All contacts should be clean. Make sure to clean them with a screwdriver before using another light bulb.

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