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Whether you just built your Charlotte home or your home is decades old, you’ll eventually need to change out your electrical panel. Electrical panel upgrades are needed when your existing panel has the potential to cause issues. These issues can range from consistent circuit overloads to dangerous electrical fires. It’s important to have your panel inspected and replaced as soon as you start noticing issues.

Many older homes don’t have adequate amperage or are lacking in breaker spaces, which can lead to serious problems and safety concerns. Often homes need their panels upgraded to 200 amps. New appliances and home updates require higher electricity capacities, and operating your home on an outdated panel can be very dangerous. Even if your panel isn’t causing issues, if you know your panel is outdated it’s always a good idea to have it updated. Not only will your home be much safer, but your appliances and electrical systems will run much more efficiently.

At LiveWire Electrical, we have years of experience upgrading electrical panels in and around the Charlotte area. Not only can we help with upgrading your panel to handle your home’s electrical capacity and improve your home’s safety, but we can also help identify issues with your electrical panel and select the right panel for your upgrade.

If your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced, call our licensed electricians at (704) 289-7792. Contact our team now to schedule your Charlotte electrical panel installation or repair service.

Here’s what you need to know about electrical panel upgrades and how LiveWire Electrical can help.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

There are quite a few signs that tell us that it’s time to upgrade your panel, but one of the most obvious signs it’s time to upgrade is simply the age of your panel. Many older homes still have 60 amp panels, while most modern appliances and electrical systems require at least 200 amp panels to run efficiently.

It’s common in older panels to combine circuits, which adds unnecessary strain to your panel. This electrical overload leads to issues with electrical efficiency and can lead to dangerous electrical problems in your home. Most large appliances require a dedicated breaker, and with older panels often having far fewer breakers than newer ones, breakers may be used for multiple appliances, which overloads the system and causes serious safety concerns.

In addition to being outdated, here are a few additional common signs that it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel:

  • Lights flicker when turning appliances on
  • Frequent loss of power
  • Current panel is rated at 100 amps or less
  • Additions to your home or upgrading your appliances
  • Additional outlets or light fixtures installed
  • Additions to your home
  • Screw in fuse panels
  • If your existing panel is a Federal Pacific or Zinsco
  • Frequent tripping of breakers, indicating too many circuits attached

If you’re experiencing even one of these issues, it may be time for a panel upgrade. Before the situation gets even worse, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical for an inspection and electrical panel consultation.

Finding and Choosing the Right Panel for Your Charlotte Home

As we mentioned, most modern homes require an electrical panel rated at a minimum of 200 amps for basic electrical needs. For modern appliances, additions to your home, and features in your home that draw a lot of power, you may need even more than that. The first thing you should do when considering an upgrade is to look at your current panel and search for a new panel with at least 200 amps.

Second, you need to ensure that there are enough breakers and circuits to accommodate all of your home’s electrical needs. If you have an older panel that’s using the same breaker for multiple circuit connections, it may be difficult to determine how many connections you need. That’s where the team at LiveWire Electrical comes in. We can perform a full-service inspection to determine if your electrical panel needs replaced and what kind of electrical panel will meet your home’s needs.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Process

Electrical Panel Repair Charlotte

Replacing your electrical panel is a complex process that’s often best left to licensed electricians. After inspecting your current panel and determining that it needs to be replaced, our team will shut off the power to your home before proceeding with the replacement. We carefully label each and every wire to ensure there are no issues with the installation.

After removing all of the breakers and detaching the ground line, we’ll disconnect the main breaker, remove the panel, and prepare the new panel for installation. We then thread the wires through the corresponding breakers and attach the wires accordingly. What makes the process so complicated is navigating the many wires and keeping them organized. Many DIY-ers can get the wired connections wrong, which can be a major safety issue.

How Much Does an Electrical Panel Upgrade Cost in Charlotte, NC?

In Charlotte, the cost to upgrade an electrical panel typically ranges between $2,700 and $3,000. This cost is influenced by various factors such as the complexity of the installation, the type of panel being installed, and any additional electrical work required. It’s important to consider that these figures represent averages, and the actual cost may vary based on specific project requirements and conditions.

Examples of Charlotte Electrical Panel Upgrades

Here are two before and after examples of what a $2700 and $3000 electrical panel upgrade look like.

before cost to replacing electrical panel Electrical Panel Repair Charlotte After cost to replacing electrical panel Electrical Panel Repair Charlotte 

These photos are the before and after replacing an electrical panel for $2700.

before cost of an electrical panel upgrade after cost for an electrical panel upgrade Electrical Panel Repair Charlotte 

These photos show the before and after of replacing an electrical panel for $3000.

Keep in mind that these costs can vary depending on the project. 

Choosing the Right Charlotte Electrician Near You

You should always partner with a licensed electrician for all of your electrical panel needs. Properly maintaining your electrical panel is one of the top ways to prevent home fires. Part of that proper maintenance is identifying when it’s time for a panel upgrade. Whether you have flickering lights or consistent tripping, any issue with your panel should be addressed immediately.

The team at LiveWire Electrical is licensed and insured, meaning you’re protected and guaranteed to receive high-quality service. If your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced, call our licensed electricians at (704) 289-7792. Contact our team now for more information on our electrical panel upgrade services or to schedule an inspection, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical today.

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