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A panel upgrade or “change out” is needed when the existing panel is or has the potential to cause issues. There are many homes in the area that have an old fuse panel with inadequate amperage or not enough breaker spaces to accommodate your home’s needs. As older homes or buildings get renovated more electrical gets added without the proper upgrades to the service. Commonly in older homes you may find several circuits connected to one breaker because there weren’t enough spaces in the panel.

Combining circuits together adds more load to the breaker than it was designed for. Many older homes are still only equipped with 60 amp panels and homes today ideally need  to be equipped with 200 amp services to accommodate basic electric needs. As home appliances and lighting needs evolve they require more power to operate and an older panel is not suitable to hold the load. Many problems associated with an outdated panel are tripped breaker dimming lights.


Many home fires can be prevented by maintaining your service panel. Older panels, especially the panels with the screw in fuses can over heat and can cause your buss bar to burn or could even start a fire. A lot of insurance companies these days will no longer renew a policy in homes with these types of panels. It’s a good idea to know what’s in your panel however please note that to open a service panel yourself can be dangerous. People, even experienced electricians have been injured or killed, so the best option when in doubt is to call a licensed electrician from Livewire Electrical to come and assess your panel’s needs.

Signs I may need to get a panel upgrade:

  • Lights dim or flicker when appliances turn on
  • Loss of power
  • Existing panel is 100 amp or less
  • Home additions
  • Need for more outlets or lighting
  • New kitchen appliances
  • Screw in fuse panel
  • If your existing panel is a Federal Pacific or Zinsco
  • Breakers tripping frequently (which means the there may be too many circuits attached for it to handle)

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