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Is your home prepared for a major power outage? If the power goes out for more than a couple of hours, would you lose all of the food in your fridge and be left scrambling as you try to keep your family safe and comfortable? Emergencies can happen any time of the year, and a home generator installation can help protect your family’s comfort and safety during these events.

charlotte electricianHow Home Generators Help Your Family

If the power goes out for more than an hour or so, your family is not able to take care of normal life activities. After a few hours, this becomes more than just an annoyance. It can become a health risk. The food in your refrigerator stands at risk of spoiling, your home comfort systems cannot run, causing uncomfortable or unsafe temperatures and your sump pump will stop, allowing water into your basement.

A home generator can use fuel, such as natural gas or gasoline, to create electricity during times like this. While the generator may not provide enough electricity to light your entire home, depending on the size you buy, it can power the refrigerator and basic necessities until the power is resorted. This can help during weather events, when a natural disaster strikes or if an animal gets to your power lines. With a generator, you can keep your family comfortable and safe, even in these unexpected events.

Professional Installation of a Standby Generator Ensures Your Family Has Power When Needed

When investing in a generator installation in Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina, you have two basic options: portable or standby. A standby option makes the most sense. These units automatically turn on when the power goes out, so you don’t have to be home to press a switch. They run more quietly than portable models and do not have lines or fuel tanks to worry about. Portable units must be turned on when the power goes out and require cords and fuel tanks.

Standby generators require professional installation to ensure they are safe and will function as needed. LiveWire Electrical’s team will assist you in choosing the right generator, ensuring it is the right size for the applications you need, and then provide professional installation to ensure your generator runs safely and accurately. Contact LiveWire Electrical today for a free estimate as you begin the search for the perfect generator for your home.

At Livewire we handle generator installation of all the popular brands including:

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