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Show Your Home Some Love With Outdoor Lighting

‘Tis the season of love, so consider giving your Valentine the gift of envy – the envy of your neighborhood and make your yard sparkle with exterior lights!

There really is something magical about lights at night.  And no, we aren’t talking about Christmas lights.  Exterior lights add an inviting glow outside your home all year round.  And with so many possibilities and choices, you can find the perfect style to fit your home and personal taste.

Exterior lights can be cost-effective attentions to detail that enhance the natural beauty of any yard.  They can also be an added security feature to illuminate extremely shaded corner areas or provide safety to clearly see borders of a walkway or darkened steps.  No matter what your reason for installing these beautiful accents, you’ll no doubt end up with a beautiful yard.

Variety of Outdoor Lighting Options2584479877_bf58038a60_b

Outdoor lighting can range in costs with options available for any budget. They can often be purchased from any big box or local hardware store. Keep in mind, lights that require hardwiring to an electrical conduit will require the expertise of an electrical professional to install.

With so many options in outdoor lighting, you can really take your pick and decide what you need and what you like.  Fixtures can be purchased in bronze, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, ceramic or plastic.  When purchasing, consider other options in determining which product to buy:  lumens (how bright your fixture will be), durability, aesthetics and design.

Determine Your Needs

Be sure to determine which areas of your yard need the most love. For example:37973351356_2d1cd09903_b

  • Add spotlight-attributes of your yard like trees and foliage that flank your home.
  • Illuminate a patio for evening entertaining.
  • Point out architecture in your home’s entry.
  • Shine a spotlight on a water fountain or statue.
  • Add step lights or ground lights by stair steps leading to a porch or down from a deck.

When considering the layout of your exterior lights, think about the amount of light you will need.  Are you wanting to focus on an entry way with a narrow beam of light or a cluster of crape myrtle bushes with a wide angle of light?  Wide lights can accent more of your yard, while spotlights will only highlight one feature.  Path lights typically aren’t adjustable, sticking to just illuminating a path or walkway.  Spotlights are adjustable and can pivot anywhere from 45 to 35 degrees.

Accent Lighting for Everyone

Choose a system that works for your lifestyle.  There is one for every family.

Solar Lights

If you are pressed for time, not home a lot, opt for the ease of solar lights.  As long as these are placed in a sunny spot during the day, they will immediately come on at twilight.

Lights With Timers2636534301_9904b1fab1_b

Other options available to homeowners are photo cell or fixtures on a timer. Like solar lights, these can come on in the evening, and these systems can be hardwired into your existing electrical panel.

Hardwired Lighting Systems

Hardwired systems can be programed with a timer.  So, if you are out of town, or still at work, your lights will still come on as planned.

Security Lighting

If security is your main priority, motion sensing lights can be triggered anytime movement is detected in your yard.  These easy to install fixtures can be mounted to a wall or as a corner of the house flood light.

Whether you are wanting to create a lasting first impression with your yard décor, or providing functional security, outdoor lighting is a must for your home improvement list.  Passers-by will marvel at your landscape.

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