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What is an Electrical Panel?

The breaker box is most commonly referred to as the electric panel.  Think of it as the heart of your home.  It can be found in your home’s utility area – sometimes a garage or laundry room.  All the service wires that snake around your home, in between the walls, connecting to your outlets, light switches, and appliances eventually find themselves connected here, in one main “box.”electrician-2755682_960_720

This is your home’s electric heartbeat. It sends an electrical signal to the rest of your home, keeping the lights on and appliances working.  If it detects a surge or spike in electricity, it cuts the flow of electricity – turning it off to your home.  It will “flip” a small switch inside the unit, called a breaker switch.

Just like your body, an electrical panel requires frequent checks and can get old.

You wouldn’t leave your heart health to just anyone, don’t leave the health of your home in the hands of someone without a proven track record of safely and efficiently resolving issues with electric panels.

LiveWire Electrical services the surrounding Charlotte Metro area offering electric panel upgrades in Indian Trail, NC.  Our electricians can diagnose any issues you are having quickly, and will soon have your home’s electricity pumping through your home.

Why Upgrade?

If you are living in an older home in Indian Trail, chance are you’ve wondered about upgrading the appliances, or perhaps you already have.  After the installation, have you noticed any issues with other outlets not working in certain areas?  Lights not turning or as quickly as they once did?  Flickering lights just before they begin to burn normally?   If you do, these are signs that you may need an electric panel upgrade.

Older, historic homes surround the Charlotte area.  These beautiful homes at one time used the old-fashioned fuse box.  These are now obsolete.  Electric panel updates from the 1980s and 1990s are still inadequate for today’s home. They do not keep up with the electrical demands of the 21st century.  electrician-looking-into-electrical-panel

Every home these days has a tablet or two plugged in, several laptops and cell phones that need daily charging.  LiveWire specializes in modernizing older home’s electrical units – switching out fuse boxes for more current electrical panels with circuit switches.

Don’t trust this job to just anyone.  This isn’t your average DIY weekender project.  You need a reliable electrician who is very familiar with NC building and electrical codes and guidelines when connecting your home’s electrical wires to an electrical panel.

The safety of your family is a number one concern.  Overloaded circuits and old wiring can spark fires not just at an outlet, where it can be seen and detected, but between the walls where the wiring has been placed between drywall and studs.

If you notice any of the warning signs below, you owe it to your family to contact LiveWire Electrical for an inspection.

Signs Your Matthews Home Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade

  • Flickering, pulsing lights
  • Outlet not working
  • Frequently flipped breaker switches
  • Electrical burning smell
  • Outlets with burns marks (discolored plastic)
  • Your home still uses fuses
  • Two outlets don’t work at the same time
  • Warm to the touch panel
  • You’ve upgraded to new appliances
  • Appliances are not working efficiently

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