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Are you ready to make a big change to your home with something as simple as your lighting? Recessed lighting offers seamless lighting in a variety of styles, allowing you to illuminate rooms or spaces without sacrificing the aesthetic design of your home. Efficient and complementary lighting is perfect for any building, both residential and commercial.421729935_a4330fffba_b

LiveWire Electrical offers recessed lighting to citizens in Matthews, NC. No matter what décor you have in your home or office, recessed lighting will create a more inviting environment that matches well with your interior decorating design. Recessed lighting provides versatility with the numbers of lights desired, the bulb selection, different trim options, and more.

What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting provides light in a home above the ceiling line through metal housing components. The light itself is hidden except for a thin trim and part of the inner baffle showing. Another common term for recessed lighting is can lights or downlights. There is extensive ceiling wiring with recessed lighting, but the use of junction boxes allows seamless connection from light-to-light. This allows for one cable to run instead of several. LiveWire Electrical offers recessed lighting that accentuates the aesthetic design of any room in your home.

What are the Benefits of Recessed Lighting?

The benefits of recessed lighting include:2307581115_af064aeb79_z

  • With recessed lighting, a room feels bigger since the lighting takes up less space in the room. Having the lights in the ceiling ensures nothing hangs down, interrupting the visual space of the ceiling.
  • Not only does a room feel bigger but it looks larger, too. Recessed lighting has an effect called “wall washing,” which means more light is cast around the room via the trim of the recessed lighting fixture.
  • Recessed lighting is a great option when highlighting a specific space in a room, such as a wall bookcase, artwork, or a special collection.
  • Each fixture offers versatility with its design features, such as different trims, and the direction and intensity of the light.
  • Different recessed lighting fixtures are Energy Star rated, increasing energy savings, especially when the new LED bulbs are installed.
  • Recessed lighting can be paired with a variety of bulbs: fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, and LED.
  • Dimmers and switches can be installed to provide a specific amount of light in a room or a precise location.

Call LiveWire for Recessed Lighting Installationluxury-building-with-recessed-lighting

Take your rooms to new heights with the stunning look of recessed lighting! Even without access to the ceiling from the attic, recessed lighting can be installed easily by a trained electrician. Any number of things can go wrong when it comes to electrical projects, which is why a licensed and trusted professional should always be consulted. LiveWire Electrical has electricians who are highly trained and knowledgeable in every aspect of a recessed lighting installation. If you live in or around Matthews, NC, LiveWire Electrical is the perfect choice for your latest electrical project. Contact us today and improve the ambiance of your home with brilliant recessed lighting.

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