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Even with diligent maintenance and repairs, eventually your electrical panel will need to be replaced. If you’re noticing consistent issues with the power in your home that aren’t resolved with regular maintenance, it may be an issue with your electrical panel.

At LiveWire Electrical, we have years of experience in electrical panel upgrades and repairs, and can fully diagnose your problem to come up with a custom repair or upgrade plan. Whether caused by inadequate amperage or insufficient space on the circuit panel, an older electrical panel can cause serious safety concerns for you and your family.

To show you how LiveWire Electrical can help you with all of your electrical upgrade needs, we’ll show you how we helped the Carter family not only fix their home’s electrical problems, but also how we reduced safety risks in their family home.

The Carter Family

Longtime residents of the Covington neighborhood in Concord, North Carolina, the Carter family recently began experiencing some power inconsistencies in their home. More and more, they noticed flickering lights whenever they used more than one appliance m or electronic at the same time. Overhead lights and lamps would flicker in the kitchen when they turned on their electric oven, and they couldn’t quite figure out why.

Knowing the reputation of LiveWire Electrical, the Carters gave us a call for help. Knowing how serious and potentially dangerous electrical issues can be, we scheduled an appointment as soon as we possibly could. We set up a time to come inspect the property and found that they had an outdated electrical panel that didn’t provide enough amperage for their home.

Completing the Panel Upgrade in Concord

Older homes often are fitted with only 60-amp electrical panels. Modern homes and appliances need at least a 200-amp panel to work effectively. By running new appliances on older panels, you’re risking fluctuating power, trips in the breakers, and potentially dangerous power overloads.

We removed the old breaker and prepared the updated breaker for installation, thoroughly labeling dedicated breakers to their appropriate appliance counterparts. An electrical panel replacement should never be attempted as a DIY project. Hot wires need to be attached to the correct bus bar, and ground lines need to be run in order to prevent electrical fires and other safety concerns.

In just an afternoon, we removed the old electrical panel and installed a new panel with more than enough amperage to support their entire household. After testing out the new panel, there were no longer any electrical issues, and the flickering light problem was resolved.

LiveWire Electrical Upgrade Services

Whether you’re upgrading the panel in your existing home or you’re starting a new build, the team at LiveWire Electrical can help. With a team of experienced electricians ready to upgrade your electrical panel.

When you have issues with your panel, it can cause serious safety concerns for you and your family. By contacting LiveWire Electrical, you can keep your family safe and secure with a new electrical panel.

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