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Pool & Hot Tub Wiring Project in Concord, NC

Not so long ago, we were engaged in doing a hot tub and pool wiring around The Mills at Rocky River, Concord, NC. The area isn’t the kind of place you can quickly lose your way in, and we managed to find the place naturally enough. The pool and hot tub were both amazingly well-designed and placed snugly within the backyard, offering a beautiful, private space where the family could relax. Installation of any electrical system where water is involved is a job that requires a lot of care to complete safely. Luckily, the LiveWire crew has a lot of experience in the field, and we came prepared for an installation that would be secure and professional. Our employers tasked us with installing circuitry for a pool pump and the internal wiring for the hot tub. As soon as we got our tools sorted out, we got underway.

The Pool Pump

Installation for the pool pump wasn’t as complicated as most people seem to think it is. It’s not something a homeowner should attempt on his or her own, since it requires dealing directly with the house panel. Any mistakes with the mains wiring could cause severe injury or death. For the pool pump, we first determined where we’d be including one or more circuits. As the pool as a small one, a single channel seemed sufficient for our needs. We checked the size of the pump and determined the amperage required to run such a piece of machinery.

Next, we checked the distance of wire we’d need to run and ensured that we had enough materials of the correct type to complete the job. It might be tempting for some electricians to use under-rated conduit in installations because that’s what they have available. However, we believe in giving our customers the best service they can get, and that includes high-quality materials. The installation itself was a simple series of ensuring that the pump was connected to the switch and the house wiring, and worked properly when turned on. Once we worked that out, we turned to deal with the hot tub.

hot-tub-installation-patioHot Tub Installation

This particular hot tub came with a spa pack that was situated about five feet away from the hot tub itself. We first checked the distance from the panel to the spa pack and from the spa pack to the hot tub. After we noted both measurements, we did our wire cutting, leaving a little extra for overage, since it’s better to have more than less. We used typical house wiring cable, color-coded to Concord, NC standards, and ran the wires within a conduit from the breaker to the spa pack and from the spa pack to the hot tub itself.

The tricky part of the installation happened when we had to install a 240V, 50-amp breaker to hook the hot tub up to. Installation of this necessary part is what most homeowners need a professional electrician for. Professionals are best suited for dealing with high-voltage wires. Once we wrapped up the breaker installation, it was a simple matter of attaching the cables to where they’re supposed to go, and voila! A perfectly functional hot tub.

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