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Benefits of Having a Home Backup Generator in Charlotte, NC

generac-power-systems-generator-side-of-houseBackup generators, also known as standby generators, are one of the most impressive advancements in home electricity to date. Backup generators help to provide electricity to a home. In the case of the power being cut or dropping off supply, the backup generator can kick in automatically. Automatic resumption of electricity ensures that none of your appliances drop off supply unexpectedly. A sudden interruption could cause irreparable damage to sensitive equipment and electronics. Aside from the provision of a reliable supply of uninterruptible power, a standby generator offers several other, less apparent benefits.

Natural Disaster or Emergency Planning

North Carolina’s weather is unpredictable at the best of times. In the event of a thunderstorm, having a backup generator installation in Charlotte can help you stay connected to friends and family, and keep your house warm. Earthquakes aren’t that common around here, but in the event of the earth-shaking, you may not remain on supply. Earthquakes can damage infrastructure such as overhead lines and substations, making it challenging to deliver electricity to residents. A standby generator is perfect for situations like these. North Carolina usually experiences a lot of tornadoes as well, which can also rip down overhead lines and take buildings off supply completely. In these cases, there’s no telling when power will be restored, and a backup generator provides peace of mind while the power company is working to restore supply.

electrical-wiring-installation-in-new-home-constructionConstruction Generation

Constructing extensions or brand-new homes usually means that there isn’t any incoming supply to a location. There are several options around this, but having a portable generator on-site to help with supplying power tools is among the most efficient. Unlike standby generators which need a constant supply of fuel to operate, portable generators have their own fuel supply and can be switched on and off manually. Portable generators are also easy to move around a site. Their ease of mobility makes them ideal for confined building locations such as if you’re renovating an apartment or building on a small lot of land.

Blackouts and Brownouts

As mentioned initially, the most common problem that a generator deals with is low voltage supplies and outages. These blackouts might be due to issues with the power company’s plant, or just to a localized interruption. In either case, there’s no guarantee about when you’re going to be back on supply. A backup generator prevents you from having to worry about when your power is going to be restored. It also keeps your lights on when your neighbors’ lights are off. Brownouts occur because of power differences within the electric company’s plant. To raise supply in one area, they may need to lower voltage in another. Low voltage can damage electronics or appliances just as easily as blackouts can. Backup generators serve as protection against situations like those.

electrician-holding-wires-over-shoulderInstalling a Backup Generator

Backup generators are useful tools, and each home should have one to prevent against being cut off in an emergency. They are a bit complicated to install, however, and trying to do it yourself could cause more harm than you’d believe. LiveWire has been serving Charlotte, NC, for many years now, and we’ve seen some pretty lousy generator DIY jobs. Don’t turn your home into a fire hazard. Call us to install your backup generator today. We guarantee it’ll be safer than trying to hook it up yourself.

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