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Electrical Permits in Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County is one of the more populous regions of North Carolina, and it has particular stipulations about what is allowed when it comes to electrical installations. According to Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement, if you intend to make any repair, installation, change, or extension to the electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems, you require a permit.

When is an Electrical Permit Required?

Although some electrical work seems simple enough, electrical permits are sometimes required to ensure safe building techniques. This helps to avoid system failures, fire hazards and safety risks for both your home and family.

According to, electrical permits are typically required for:

  • All new construction
  • Home additions
  • Running additional wiring in your home
  • Installing a new electrical outlet or light fixture
  • Installing or altering any permanent wiring
  • Installing a receptacle for a garage-door opener
  • Converting fuse boxes to circuit breakers
  • Install or alter low-voltage systems (i.e. security systems, stereos, etc.)

Projects that require a permit typically require three inspections. A rough-in inspection, a service inspection, and a final inspection.

Electrical Permit Exceptions

While it might seem cut and dried when you need a permit, the law is a bit more fluid in its interpretation. Several exceptions exist as provisions for special situations. For example, there is an exception for any one- or two-family dwelling that you can make changes to electrical fixtures without needing a permit to do so. Light switches and receptacles are covered under this exception, as well as running a branch circuit for an electric water heater, once all these other conditions are met:

  • If replacing a water heater, it must be in the same location as the original heater that it’s being used to replace
  • If replacing an electrical light or fixture, the replacement is rated for the same voltage and the same or less amperage
  • The work must be performed by a professional licensed under section G.S. 87-43
  • The repair or replacement job obeys the stipulations of the state building code, inclusive of the state electrical code

Additional exceptions exist for people who have businesses dealing with installing and repairing electrical appliances (for obvious reasons) and repairs done on a home by the resident homeowner. The law also doesn’t apply to plug-in devices or the replacement of fuses and lamps.

What Do You Need to Get a Permit?

If you’re a homeowner and need a permit, you can apply for one online. However, you will need to have an account and bond set up with the registrar’s office before you apply for your permit.

Additional Considerations

Even if you don’t need a permit to perform an installation, DIY options bring many risks. Electrical systems can cause death if improperly handled. Even if it’s just a minor repair or replacement, it may be in your best interest to call a professional. Licensed contractors are always preferable to someone who doesn’t have any professional certification for their work. Live Wire has been serving the community of Mecklenburg County for years, and we’re ready and willing to help you with any electrical installation you may need, inclusive of securing the permits. Give us a call today to learn more!

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