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Tips for Wiring a Home Theater

If you’re looking to set up a home theater, you must understand that wiring is a crucial step. Unfortunately, most people take for granted the importance of wiring when installing a home theater and treat it as an afterthought. However, if you have the wrong home theater wiring, it could affect the setup, and ultimately the audio and visual functions. This is why we always advise homeowners to get a professional electrician in Charlotte, NC, to help with home theater wiring and all their electrical wiring services.

Below, we share some helpful tips for wiring a home theater.

Plan in Advance

Knowing how to wire a home theater is essential. For this reason, you need to plan; else, you might have problems. So, ensure you have an outlined plan of your theatre — where you plan to wire, where you will need outlets, etc. Also, consider the type of room you’ll use and the type of wiring best for it.

The next stage of planning is picking out the type of wiring to use. You should have HDMI, DVI, a component video cable, S-Video, and SCART. Also have speaker wire, mini TRS jack, multichannel RCA, Stereo RCA, coaxial audio, etc.

Have Enough Power

If you don’t have enough power, you stand the risk of having your home theater shutting down while watching a movie. If you own a simple system with minimal components, it will not draw much power. However, if your system has large amplifiers and several components, you should have more power, likely above 15 amp.

Breaker Plans

Most electrical boxes that supply power to 120V outlets get power from two different legs of an incoming 240V service. If you own or plan to own a home theater, it is important to ensure all the components in your system get their power from the same leg in the breaker box. If the breakers are not on the same leg, you will have issues like video hum bars.

Choose the Right Wiring

When you fail to choose the right wiring, it affects the sound quality of your home theater. This is because you won’t have enough power to supply your video audio gear. Another downside of wrong wiring is audio and video hum, and there will be noise from other electrical components.

Hire a Professional for the Installation

When considering home theater wiring, get professional help. A Charlotte, NC, electrician knows how to wire home theaters. A professional electrician also knows every safety code and the proper wiring layout.

At LiveWire Electrical, we have local, reliable, and trustworthy Charlotte electricians. If you trust us with your home theater wiring, you will get the highest and premium standards in the industry. Our team works with the latest technology and tools and will effectively execute all your electrical needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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