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electrician-installing-outlet-coverElectricity is in your home powers lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, washing machines, and home electronics. And it’s one of those things that you barely notice until it stops working. And when it does—life comes to a screeching halt until it is restored. Our dependence on electricity can lead some homeowners to try their luck at DIY repairs, which can be both ineffective and dangerous.

At Livewire Electrical, our licensed, insured, and trained electricians can perform many repairs efficiently and safely. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and a demonstrated commitment to providing reliable, friendly service at an affordable price.

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Ignoring Electrical Problems Is Dangerous

Electrical problems can lead to fires and electrocution hazards, so they are not something to take lightly or try to handle on your own. Even if you are well equipped at handling basic electrical work, like replacing a light switch or lighting fixture, you should leave most wiring issues to the professionals. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, nearly 500 deaths and $1.4 billion in property damage each year are caused by residential electrical system problems.

Electrical Repairs throughout Charlotte, NC

Electrical problems present themselves in many ways. In some cases, appliances and fixtures simply stop working. Other times they continue to function erratically. And in some, potentially dangerous situations you may see visible arcing or smell burning plastic when using an outlet or appliance. Our services include:

If you are experiencing one of these problems, trust the team at LiveWire Electrical to provide prompt, efficient, and professional service.

Charlotte’s Most Trusted Electrician

Home electrical repairs are among the most common and most dangerous projects that many homeowners try to tackle. Injury and death from electrical shock, potential home fires, and other safety concerns should be enough to deter any homeowner from taking on more than they are equipped to handle.

Help from a licensed, trained, and insured electrician backed by a reputable brand name is just a call away. With transparent, affordable pricing and two decades of demonstrated experience, your electrical work is safest in the hands of our trained professionals.

Livewire Electrical is a leading electrician service in Charlotte. We provide residential, commercial, and emergency services that lend a helping hand when and where you need it most.

Why Choose LiveWire Electrical

LiveWire Electrical is a full-service electrical company that has the qualifications you’re looking for. You will receive service from a certified, licensed Charlotte electrician who understands the intricacies of home wiring systems.

We have built a reputation for our upfront pricing and outstanding customer service. We can identify and repair any wiring or electrical hazards in your home, so your family is protected from the risks of poor electrical wiring.

If you are experiencing a home electrical wiring issue, call LiveWire Electrical to have a Charlotte electrician come to your home, assess the problem, and fix it for you quickly. Your family’s safety is at risk, so choose the area’s most trusted electrician firm to help.

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