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How many home or business owners does it take to screw in a light bulb? Usually, only one. But if something is wrong with unseen electrical circuits, it won’t matter how many people there are—the light won’t turn on.exit-dark-power-outage-84629

At home and at work, power systems need to be reliable. We’ve all experienced a time when the power has gone out— and some of us have even had to go through the discomfort and pain of living without electricity for a long period of time. So much rides on our ability to connect to electrical outlets—we work, play, see, cook, and connect to others— with power from electricity.

Because power systems provide us consistently with energy, we don’t usually stop to think about ways that they can fail or be optimized to improve. There are many, many components involved in the creation and maintenance of reliable power systems. The electricity that drives appliances and activities at home and work must traverse a long path before it can be used. At any point during the journey, the current can be impeded if the channel becomes disconnected or faulty. And just like other man-made creations, electrical parts—both inside a structure and outside of it—are prone to wear and tear over time. Don’t wait till your power system malfunctions—keep it reliable today by letting Live Wire perform an audit and optimize your power system.

During an audit, we will make sure to:

  • Identify and upgrade any qualifying power panels.
  • Quantify how much electricity different rooms in your building use.
  • Pinpoint money-saving, green electrical practices which can easily be put into effect.
  • Calculate and optimize the efficiency of your electrical usage.
  • Recommend solutions to optimize efficiency and safety.

Faulty or defective circuits can have serious consequences if they are not recognized and repaired, the least of which can influence your energy bill and carbon footprint. You wouldn’t go without changing your furnace filter or engine oil—don’t go without getting an energy audit every few years, either. Keep the electricity in your home or business running reliably for years to come with an energy audit from Live Wire.

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