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Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Outdoor barbecues complete with outdoor lighting, pool parties with music players and  kids climbing trees near electrical wires – the summer is filled with potential electrical safety risks. To protect your family, make sure you keep these safety tips in mind.

Teach Kids About Outdoor Risks

When kids head outside after a long winter, they need to be reminded of electrical risks. Teach them never to play near power lines or touch power lines with anything, including sticks or toys. If they assume that all power lines are dangerous, they will be safe. Also, make sure kids know to stay away from those green electrical boxes, which are sometimes located in the yard, and the outdoor air conditioning unit. The same goes for parents.

charlotte electriciansKeep Electricity and Water Separate

Electricity and water do not mix. If you are using electrical items near water, like a swimming pool, make sure they are well away from the water. If your kids are taking electrical toys outside, make sure they are not using them near the water. Also, install GFCI outlets near wet areas of your home, including outdoor areas where water is commonly found.


Know the Weather

Electrical risks come from lightning as well as the electricity in your home. Keep your eyes on the weather report, and head indoors if lighting is coming.

Use Caution with Flying Toys

Kites, air planes and other flying toys are a great way to pass the time in the summer, but be careful. Only play with these toys if you are well away from electrical wires. If a toy does get tangled in something electrical, do not attempt to get it down.

Summer should be a care-free time to enjoy life and have a break from the rigors of school. Keep these electrical safety tips in mind to ensure that it is a fun, and not tragic, summer for your family. If you have further questions about electrical safety, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical for tips.

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