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Matthews, NC is home to over 27,000 people, and that number is growing regularly as more and more families are discovering the comfortable lifestyle available in this Charlotte suburb. With the growth of the population has come a growing demand for quality service providers to keep Matthews homes and businesses thriving. Electrical service providers are in high demand as new constructions and existing buildings need to ensure their electrical systems are fully functional.

Bobby Lynn and the team at LiveWire Electrical have been serving businesses and homeowners in Matthews, North Carolina, providing the services of a skilled Matthews electrician to those who need these services most.

Electrical Specialists with Safety in Mind

Electircal safety is not something to take lightly, and that’s why even the most ardent DIY-er will hire a Matthews electrician to handle electrical work. LiveWire Electrical takes safety seriously. Our team electrical servicesof Matthews electricians are dedicated to ensuring safety on the job and providing our customers with electrical systems that function as designed. In order to fulfill this goal, we only work with skilled, trained and licensed electrical professionals who know their industry well. The LiveWire team understands the importance of electrical work and ensures that every customer receives quality electrical services every time they call us.

Service with Integrity

In addition to our commitment to safety, LiveWire Electrical is committed to providing our clients with service with integrity. We never look for ways to pad the bill or try to add services that you really don’t need. When you hire a Matthews electrician from LiveWire, you will find that we work hard to ensure that you only pay what is needed for the work that is performed.

Comprehensive Electrical Services for Matthews Property Owners

Finally, Matthews property owners know they can trust LiveWire because of our commitment to providing comprehensive electrical services. We can handle electrical work of all types, from upgrading lighting to installing a new electrical panel and even wiring a new building or home. No matter what electrical need you have, LiveWire electrical will send a Matthews electrician to your home to get the job done. Contact us today to schedule your electrical service.