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When you are ready to modernize your Huntersville or Lake Norman area home, adding specialty lighting is one of the best investments for your money. Specialty lighting can add depth and dimension to any room in your home without changing the floor plan, knocking out walls, or adding on.Melchior_191

The installation is simple. All you need is the light fixture and a licensed electrician can easily conceal wires that run through the ceiling to a switch plate on the wall.

Dimmable lights can add more functionality to your rooms also – dial down the lights for movie time with the family, turn them up bright for entertaining. They really showcase your room’s inner beauty and enhance the mood of any space.

Not only is installation simple, it is also quick. A dining room can be wired in less than 3 hours with a knowledgeable electrician working for you.

Considering Adding Specialty Lighting to your Huntersville Home?

1. How much light do you need?

Specialty lighting can add a tremendous amount of new light to a space. The amount of light your room needs may help you and your electrician to determine the type of bulbs and size of the fixture to use.

2. How many specialty lights will your space require?

Larger spaces may need more specialty light fixtures or recessed cans with a wider diameter. Too few cans will cause unsightly shadows in a room, while too many can cause your ceiling to look chopped up. Most electricians cut the height of the ceiling in half when deciding how to place lights (i.e. 10-foot ceiling would have recessed lights every 5 feet).

3. How large is the space you are considering?7314513046_fd79834608_c

Your electrician can work alongside you to determine the best configuration of lights to not only create a functional amount of light, being sure to avoid shadows in the room but to also create an appealing row of perfectly spaced lights across the ceiling.

4. How is the space used?

If the room is primarily being used for sitting, your electrician will want to avoid directly placing lights over sitting areas. If the lights are being used as the primary way to light the space, consider how other lights will be used – floor lamps, side table lamps, pendant lights or chandelier installations?

Modernizing your home doesn’t mean you will be spending more on electricity. Most lights are LED – they use a fraction of the energy a standard light bulb would use and put out less heat. For the energy used, they output significantly more light.

Specialty Lighting by a Qualified Electricianelectrician-updating-ceiling-wiring

To ensure your job is done safely and reliably, a qualified electrician is a must for this project. In older homes, new wires may need to be run in the home, or a new circuit will need to be added to the home’s electrical system to avoid overloads and tripped breakers. Contact a Huntersville electrician who not only has the expertise in specialty lighting but also has an eye for the design and layout of your lights. Be sure they have done this before and come highly recommended in your area.

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