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Swimming Pool Wiring Matthews NC

Wiring a swimming pool is one of the most complex electrical projects today, and when it goes wrong, it can be dangerous for you and your family. At LiveWire Electrical, electrical safety is our number one concern, no matter what project we’re working on.

We specialize in swimming pool wiring services, and earlier in the year, helped a family by installing their new pool’s electrical system. Here’s what we did and why choosing the team at LiveWire Electrical is the right choice for your swimming pool wiring project.

The Wright Family and Their New Pool

The Wright family recently moved into the Grevgate community in Matthew’s, North Carolina. The yard was perfect for a swimming pool, so they started to plan the project shortly after moving in. What they didn’t realize is the size, scope, and complexity of a pool wiring service, so they quickly realized that they needed to contact experienced professionals to help get the job done.

Contacting the Professionals

A quick search online led the Wrights to LiveWire Electrical, the area’s leading pool wiring service providers. We have years of experience installing sub-panels, lighting, salt generators, heaters, and pumps. Our team also properly bonds all pools to ensure safety for your family.

We set up a free consultation so our team could thoroughly understand the project, then scheduled our inspection for the very next day.

A Thorough Inspection of their Matthews Home

We inspect every pool using a thorough, multi-point inspection process. We check the pool’s structural integrity, the current electrical system if applicable, and the area surrounding the pool if we need to install a new electrical system or make updates to the existing one.

As this was a new installation, we were starting from the ground up, which means we were free to set up an efficient, state of the art system for the Wright family. Fortunately, no trenches or costly foundational work was needed in order to comply with safety regulations.

The Upgrades They Needed

We started by installing a sub-panel off the main breaker to the house to ensure a constant flow of power to the pool. Then, we installed GFCI outlets to use for the pump, heater, and pool lights. It’s important to always use a GFCI outlet with a durable, weatherproof cover that is closed at all times.

Finally, using a #8 copper wire, we grounded the entire system to keep everyone safe. Pools that are incorrectly grounded can cause electrocution, so it’s important to work with a licensed electrician that understands how to properly ground pool wiring systems.

We were able to help the Wright family complete their pool just in time for summer, making their move to a new home a fun, unforgettable experience.

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Partnering with the right team of electricians can make or break your pool wiring project. At LiveWire Electrical, we have over 20 years of experience wiring pools in the area, meaning we’re ready to help you with your next pool wiring project.

For more information on our pool wiring services, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical at 704-289-7792 today.

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