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Get Your Charlotte Home Ready for Spring: Electrical Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, meaning it’s time to not only thoroughly clean your home, but also inspect your electrical systems and appliances for safety and efficiency. Getting in the habit of testing and inspecting your electrical system not only can save you significant money in future repairs and upgrades, but can also help keep your home and your family safe.

If you’re not experienced with your electrical system, it’s not always easy to know where to start. At Livewire Electrical, not only do we provide high-quality electrical services in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, but we also want to help our customers understand and manage their own electrical systems.

Here’s our spring electrical checklist and why it’s important to go through these steps to keep your home and family safe.

Test Landscape Lighting and Change Bulbs

Always test your landscape lighting, especially if you haven’t used your lighting much over the winter. Even with minimal snow, cold temperatures can impact your wiring that’s exposed. Moisture and temperature fluctuation can cause dangerous short circuits. If your landscape lighting can be moved, plug in your lighting individually into a GFCI outlet for safety.

Bulbs should be replaced after winter as well. Traditional incandescent light bulbs may actually burst if the weather is cold enough, and the heat-emitting light source doesn’t work well in colder temperatures.

Clean Refrigerator and AC Coils

The coils on your refrigerator and air conditioner unit help your appliances run efficiently and effectively. The coils absorb heat, allowing cold air to be passed through to your home or refrigerator.

These coils, called evaporator and condenser coils, run less efficiently when dirt and dust build up on them. A simple wipe down can do wonders for your air conditioning unit just in time for warmer weather and will help keep your refrigerator cool all year long.

Schedule a Circuit Breaker Inspection

We always recommend a thorough circuit breaker inspection during spring. In the colder months, you typically spend more time indoors, meaning your electricity is used at higher capacities. This increased load may put stress on your circuit breaker, and a quick inspection can identify any issues.

You should have a date listed on your panel that shows the last inspection, and if you’re past that date, it’s definitely time to give us a call. A quick inspection now can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Test All Outlets

Test out all of your outfits, both interior and exterior. Grab a small appliance and plug it into every outlet in your home to ensure they work properly. A GFCI outlet keeps your home safe, and if it isn’t working correctly, a repair or replacement is straightforward and cost-effective.

Call Livewire Electrical

As part of your spring checkup, we always recommend giving the team at Livewire Electrical a call. We can help you with your entire electrical system inspection, repairs, and upgrades.

Get ahead on your spring cleaning by getting in touch with Livewire Electrical today.

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