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Electrical Inspections and Code Corrections in Charlotte

Buying or selling a home in the Charlotte, NC area? LiveWire Electrical will assist you with your electrical needs, from comprehensive inspections to performing the quality repairs needed to close the deal. We work with realtors, home inspectors, and home buyers and sellers to deliver a thorough picture of a home’s electrical system, identifying code infractions and unsafe components – learn where problems exist and what needs done to correct them, creating a safe and efficient home. We also inspect electric vehicle charging stations to determine if it will adequately meet you power needs or if you may need an EV charging station repair

Schedule your electrical inspection today with LiveWire Electrical to gain a clear picture of your electrical system’s condition and safety.

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Electrical systems in a home are largely unseen – most components are hidden within walls or above and below living areas, so issues aren’t always easily identifiable. An electrical inspection pinpoints dangerous conditions in the home, giving home buyers and sellers the knowledge needed to improve safety and make informed purchase decisions. With this knowledge, you are able to determine areas that need addressed right away to protect your family and your investment.

Electrical safety inspections should be performed when buying or selling a home, when making home improvements or to diagnose issues in your current residence. Electrical inspections are appropriate in the following scenarios:

  • Your current residence is older and hasn’t undergone a recent inspection
  • You suspect performance or safety issues with your electrical system
  • Your homeowner’s insurer requires proof your electrical system is up to code
  • You have made home improvements DIY-style
  • Your contractor has completed major renovations or remodeling
  • You are installing a major appliance or new HVAC system
  • You are interested in making energy efficiency improvements to your home

Code Corrections in Charlotte

Residential electrical systems in Charlotte, NC are required to meet code specifications – when they don’t, this means potentially dangerous hazards and added expenses for buyers and/or sellers to bring the system up to code.

LiveWire Electrical’s licensed electricians are knowledgeable regarding the electrical codes applying to Charlotte area residences. We inspect a home using the standards of the National Electric Code, National Fire Protection Association, as well as the North Carolina Building Code. Our inspectors thoroughly examine the home’s electrical system, identifying code violations and providing you with expert options to bring these issues up to code.

Identified violations must be corrected to improve the safety of a dwelling, and the residents who call it “home.” Our code corrections are performed by skilled, licensed, and insured electricians who are committed to delivering reliable and safe solutions.

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Obtaining a home inspection is an important step in the homebuying process. Your inspection will find faults within the residence, both minor and significant, helping you identify areas that must be addressed before or after purchase.

LiveWire Electrical’s licensed electricians assist trusted home inspectors in performing a detailed examination of a home’s electrical system and components. Our detailed knowledge and years of experience provide the in-depth expertise necessary to identify complex issues, out-of-date equipment, and safety hazards, giving the home buyer or seller a comprehensive picture of the electrical deficits of a residence.

Your electrical home inspection report will tell you the following critical information about the home you’re about to buy, sell, or currently reside in:

  • Components are functioning properly and safely
  • Electrical mistakes have been made by previous owners, yourself, or contractors
  • Existing outdated wiring that should be upgraded
  • Wiring and other components have degraded, requiring replacement
  • Fuses and breakers are oversized and need replacement to prevent fire risks
  • Fire and safety hazards present within the electrical system
  • Energy efficiency improvements or upgrades which could help you save money on utility costs

Overall, an electrical home inspection provides peace of mind that the home is safe, or provides the details needed to create a plan of action for improving the electrical system to enhance safety and performance.

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