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BMW Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Near You

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Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to grow in popularity, making the need for convenient and efficient home charging solutions increasingly important. For those that drive a BMW electric vehicle, installing a BMW EV home charger can significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of charging your vehicle.

If you live in or near Charlotte, NC and are looking for a licensed electrician who can install an EV charger for your BMW, look no further than Livewire Electrical. Our team of trusted and licensed electricians have been installing home EV chargers for years and understand the nuances of installing the correct charger for all BMW electric vehicle models. Contact us today online or call (704) 318-2390 to set up an appointment.


Different Models of Electric BMWs

BMW has been making electric vehicles since 2014 and in that time have introduced five separate model types in their electric vehicle lineup. We install home EV chargers for all types of BMW models, including:

  • BMW i3
  • BMW i4
  • BMW i5
  • BMW iX
  • BMW i7

Selecting the Right BMW Electric Vehicle Charger

If you have bought an electric BMW, the first question that comes to mind is how do I charge my vehicle efficiently. There are a number of charging options out there, from level 1 – which is the same as a standard outlet in your home, to level 3 – which are ultra-fast charging stations only available in public. Typically, you will want to invest in a level 2 charger to charge your BMW in your Charlotte garage or driveway. There are few options available to you when it comes to charging your BMW EV.

1. BMW Wallbox – This is a level 2 charger that is installed and mounted to a spot in your garage or the exterior of your home, This charger provides 9.6 kW-11 kW speed and can take your vehicle from 0-100% in as little as 12 hours. This type of charger works with all BMW EV models including hybrid plugin models.

2. BMW Flexible Fast Charger – All BMW EVs come equipped with a flexible fast charger cord with provides a portable charging solution and can be used with both 120V (Level 1) and 240V (Level 2) outlets.

3. Third-Party Chargers – There are also a number of third-party charger options on the market which can provide you with the same charging power as the name brand BMW units but can offer different features and sometimes cost savings depending on the model you are looking at.

How To Install A BMW EV Home Charger

If you choose a BMW Wallbox or third-party EV charger, you will need to have it installed. It is always best to have a licensed electrician tackle the installation, as they will need to tie into your home’s pre-existing electrical system. Here are some key steps that need to be followed when installing a BMW EV charger:

  • Assess Electrical Capacity – You need a qualified electrician in your area to verify that your home’s electrical system can support the additional load of the EV charger. This involves looking at your home’s electrical panel and making sure that a dedicated 240v circuit breaker can be added to accommodate the load of the level 2 charger.
  • Choose the Installation Location – It’s important to place your BMW charger in a convenient location both to where you park your vehicle and to your home’s electrical system. This way, you will minimize the length of cable you require. You should also make sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Get Any Necessary Permits and Codes – In North Carolina, you are required to get a permit if you are going to be adding to or working on your home’s electrical system. It is important to ensure compliance with local electrical codes and obtain any necessary permits. A licensed electrician can assist you with getting these.
  • Upgrade Electrical Panel – If necessary, have a licensed electrician near you perform any panel upgrades required for your BMW EV charger.
  • Mount the BMW Charger – The BMW Wallbox or a third party EV home charger will need to be safely mounted and secured to the wall that you choose for charging. Make sure to weatherproof the charger as well if it is installed outdoors.
  • Connecting and Configuring the Charger – Once the charger is installed the electrician with connect it, test the connection to make sure everything is working accurately and configure the software settings of the charger.

Once your BMW EV charger is connected and ready to go one of the trained electricians at Livewire Electric will walk you through how it works and go over all of the features making sure that you have a full understanding of how to charge your BMW.

Contact A Licensed Electrician About BMW Electrical Charger Installation in Charlotte

Installing a BMW electric vehicle charger in your home is a practical and beneficial investment. If you own an electric BMW or a hybrid with home charging capability the team here at Livewire Electrical can help you select the right charger, prepare your home’s electrical system, and complete a full installation including showing you how to use all of the features and functions on your BMW charger. Whether you choose the BMW Wallbox, a flexible fast charger, or a compatible third-party charger, the enhanced charging experience will make owning and operating your BMW electric vehicle even more enjoyable. Contact us today online or call (704) 318-2390 to book your BMW EV charger installation.

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