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Concord, NC, is a beautiful amalgamation of a big city with its suburban escapes. The town still has that small-town charm that locals have come to enjoy, while still offering no end of sights to those passing through for a visit. For the race lovers, Charlotte Motor Speedway is a significant attraction, setting the standard for motorsports over the last fifty years. For those with more specific tastes, there are craft breweries and parks that can help a visitor unwind. For those of us who live here, Concord, NC, is home.

Upgrading Electrical Systems in Concord

As a homeowner in Concord, you need to make sure your electrical system supplies the kind of power you need. Upgrading electricals might mean changing out some of the older elements and replacing them with new ones. There are several areas of the overall home wiring system that may need addressing when you decide to upgrade your electrical system:

  • Electrical Panel: The panel provides the point of connection between your utility provider and your home. Upgrading the electrical panel allows for a more substantial draft of electricity into the system. However, by doing so, the panel should also be able to handle this increased supply. Changing out fuses so that the increased electrical supply won’t automatically blow them should be a priority.
  • Adding Circuits: Outlets and circuits that distribute the increased load to the areas of the house that need it the most.
  • Replacing cables, pulls, and outlets: Existing wiring and outlets need to be checked to see if they can handle the power that the panel is taking into the house currently. If they can’t, then the best advice would be to change them because they become risks for electrical fires.

luxury-home-lake-wylieWhen Should you Upgrade your Electrical System?

Electrical systems need to be upgraded now and again. If your electrical system has some of these factors, it may be time to seek an upgrade:

  • The wiring system doesn’t have any Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets in moisture-prone areas.
  • Outlets around the house are two-prong ungrounded ones.
  • A persistent scent of burning within a room when an appliance is switched on.
  • Warm, sparking outlets that are sometimes discolored.
  • A tingling sensation in your arm or fingers when you touch a device.
  • Flickering or dimming of lights intermittently during regular operation.
  • Blown fuses on an increasingly regular basis.
  • Breakers tripping frequently.

If any or all of these are occurring within the house, then you should seek out a professional electrician as soon as possible to deal with the issue.

Get a Professional Electrician

It may be tempting to consider doing these repairs yourself. However, electrical systems in Concord, NC, range between the brand new to the ancient. Depending on when the house was built, what materials were used in the wiring, and the artistry of the electrician, attempting home electrical repairs yourself could end with a house fire or even death. Consult a professional electrician like LiveWire to take care of this for you today. You can sleep easy knowing that your wiring is in good hands.

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