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EV Charging Station Repair in Charlotte, NC

EV Charging Station Repair Near You

Electric Vehicle Charging Station RepairOut of the 250 million vehicles on the roadways in the United States, approximately 1% of them are electric vehicles. While this statistic may seem small, that 1% accounts for 2.5 million electric vehicles. Experts have predicted that the growing popularity of electric vehicles in the United States will result in half of the vehicles on the road being electric by 2050.

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles across the nation and even the world, there has also been an increase in the need for not only EV charging station installation or Tesla charging stations in NC, or charging station maintenance, but also repairing them. While scheduling routine and proper maintenance for an EV charging station will help to prevent damage and prolong the life of the system, there are circumstances where an EV charging station will need to be repaired.

Due to the relative youth of electric vehicle supply equipment, there is little information available regarding the lifespan of EV charging stations. According to industry experts, home EV charging stations should last approximately 10 years if properly maintained and cared for.

Why Do EV Charging Stations Break?

EV Charger Repair CharlotteThere are several factors that would require an EV charging station to need to be repaired. Oftentimes, EV chargers break because they simply are used often. Cords are moved around, thus flexing the cord and fraying the insulation. Additionally, EV charging cords can be left on the ground and be run over repeatedly by a vehicle. This can also cause damage that needs to be repaired over time.

In addition to normal wear and tear, another main cause of EV charging station damage is the high-power semiconductors failing from thermal cycle stress. On the same note as this, many new electric vehicle owners do not understand the concept of how electricity works and how necessary it is to have a professional install EV charging stations. Trying to use too much power to charge a vehicle that cannot handle it can result in severe consequences such as a blown transformer or an electrically shorted-out vehicle. Having a professional, like the ones at Livewire Electrical, install an EV charging station at home will ensure that it is done properly and safely.

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Charlotte, NC Charging Station Repair for EVsOftentimes, EV charging stations need routine maintenance to prevent larger issues from occurring. However, there are times when EV charging station repairs are unpreventable, such as a cable that needs to be replaced, the software needs recalibration, or the unit’s components need to be updated. EV charging stations at home are less likely to experience problems, but if a charging unit fails or simply becomes outdated, our team of expert electricians can repair or replace it in no time.

Livewire Electrical performs EV charging station repair services near you in Charlotte and the surrounding area at locations near you for over 20 years with commercial electrical services and residential electrical services. To contact us for a free EV charging station repair consultation, contact us online today or give us a call at 704-289-7792.

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