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Whole Home Wiring Services in Ballantyne LiveWire Electrical is a licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractor with over 20 years of wiring services throughout Charlotte, including Ballantyne, North Carolina. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects throughout Ballantyne.

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What makes a good electrician, especially in the Ballantyne area?

A State License

A state licensed is required for Electricians in Ballantyne. You can check with the state licensing board to make sure the have a license and if it is current. LiveWire Electrical is a licensed contractor.


Believe it or not. Insurance is not a requirement! LiveWire Electrical is insured and can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. Accidents do happen! Most homeowner’s insurance policies require all electrical work to be done by a licensed professional. Improper electrical work can cause a fire hazard or risk or being electrocuted.


It’s important that your electrician has good references. We have some of the best references in the industry. Let us know if you want to talk with them!

 Selling (Home Inspections)

With any electrical work, at some point a home inspection will come into play when your residence (home) is sold. Our electrical work will pass all state and local codes which will ensure that any future inspections will pass.

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