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Electric vehicles are becoming extremely popular across the United States for their cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness. From reduced gas costs to lower maintenance costs, it makes sense to invest in an electric vehicle to save money over time. Electric vehicles are also extremely quiet, making them extremely enjoyable to drive.

If you’re new to electric vehicles, there can certainly be a learning curve going from gas to electric. One of the biggest changes is the power source, and more specifically, where you find your power source when you own an electric vehicle. While electric vehicles are becoming much more popular, electric vehicle stations aren’t found everywhere quite yet.

A simple solution to help prepare your home for your new electric vehicle is having an EV station installed at your home, allowing you to have clean, efficient power to run your car. Here’s how the team at LiveWire Electric can help you make the transition to an electric vehicle.

Meet the Coopers

The Coopers, currently living in the Vermillion neighborhood in Huntersville, NC, recently purchased a new Nissan Leaf. Their next step was to have an EV station installed at their home, but they had no idea where to start. Fortunately, they had some time before the vehicle was delivered to their home, so they gave LiveWire Electrical a call.

We have years of experience installing both Level 1 EVSE and Level 2 EVSE charging stations, so no matter what you need for your electric vehicle, we can get the job done. The Coopers wanted the faster-charging, but more complex Level 2 EVSE charging station installed at their home.

Installing an EV Charging Station

A Level 1 EVSE requires different installation steps than a Level 2 EVSE charging station, and we can assess your home’s current electrical setup to help you determine what’s right for you. A Level 1 EVSE is a simple setup that merely requires a 120-V outlet with a dedicated circuit for that line. If other sources are drawing power from that same line, it can cause issues with your charging station and your breaker. We will fully inspect your outlet to ensure a dedicated circuit for your charging station.

When installing a Level 2 EVSE, it requires a 240-V outlet for increased power and efficiency. Again, the outlet will need to have a dedicated circuit for your charging station in order to work properly. Level 2 EVSE charging stations charge your vehicle faster and more efficiently, meaning there’s an energy cost savings in the long run. When we helped the Cooper family with their station, we located a convenient 240-V outlet for them to use, and they decided it would be more efficient and cost-effective to go with a Level 2 EVSE charging station.


LiveWire Electrical

 The team at LiveWire Electrical has the skills and expertise to get your home ready for a new electric vehicle. We will work with you one on one to discuss your needs and will perform a thorough inspection of your home to determine which charging station is right for you.

For more information on EV charging stations or to schedule your appointment today, contact the team at LiveWire Electrical.

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